All of our design work is created from scratch, NOT TEMPLATES. We don't under any circumstances re-design a project.

When submitting your information and pictures for your design, please also include your desired color scheme, things you'd like to see incorporated into your design, along with your preferred style/layout, if any.

If not provided, we will design your project based on the pictures and theme derived from the information submitted.

Once your design is completed, it is your responsibility as the client to proofread and submit any changes. Once your design is approved,

NO FURTHER CHANGES will be made. If changes are to be made thereafter, a revision fee will be incurred.

Please save your approved design to your computer or electronic device for safe keeping. If unable to locate your approved design

or you've deleted it by accident, simply send us an email requesting your file to: [email protected]


Unlike copyright, ownership of a trademark is not about who created the mark. Trademark rights are created by using the trademark for goods and services in commerce. So when DANEJA GRAPHIX LLC creates a logo for a client, the client will own trademark rights to that logo as soon as he/she starts using the logo on products or promotions for his/her company.

The South Carolina Secretary of State's Office registers trademarks and service marks for use within the State of South Carolina. A trademark or service mark may be registered with the Office of the Secretary of State provided the mark meets the statutory requirements for registration.

Please visit http://sos.sc.gov/Trademark for more information.